Tips for retaining and developing your Inner Shakti

Tips for retaining and developing your Inner Shakti

Women, the source of life, are often referred to as Shakti. It is a tough job to be a mother as you need to spend your energy on taking care of your baby, your family members and then you need to take care of yourself. Here are some tips for retaining and developing your power or Shakti.

1. Stress:
One of the most common and leading factor for failing health is the high stress levels a woman faces in her multitasking role. You must address this ever growing problem at the soonest and find yourself some de-stressing methods that work for you and stick to them religiously.If need be go for professional advice.

2. Dieting:
STOP DIETING!!!!!!YES!!!!!! Instead look and form moderate eating habits which allows you a mix of low proteins,healthy fats,smart carbs and fiber. Eat healthy.Be healthy.

3. Calcium:
Intake of calcium has to be regulated.Do not overdose on Calcium as it may result in kidney stones and may even lead to increased risk of heart disease. Try to have calcium rich foods such as milk and almonds.

4. Exercise:
A very important factor in today’s fast moving life,slow down,take a while out and exercise regularly.Nothing like a good 15 mnts workout regime.Exercising leads to good self image and fills you up with confidence.
Nothing like nature to stay fit and healthy.

5. Fertility:
Yes don’t be surprised it is a very important aspect of your physical and mental well being. Consult your Doctor as fertility levels may start to decline from as early as age 32 onwards.

6. Birth Control:
Be very well prepared as to when you want to go into pregnancy so that it lowers the risk of uterus or ovarian cancer and also regulates your menstrual cycle.

7. Sex:
Generally overlooked but it is a great stress reliever. If you are not satisfied or any other issue please do not hesitate to take professional advice.

8. Genetic Testing:
In this age of educated women and great awareness it is advisable to go for genetic testing to rule out brain cancer,ovarian cancer and other chronic diseases.

9. Sleep:
Yes the right amount of sleep can do wonders towards your health.Always try and get the required quota of sleep.

10. Doctor / Care giver:
Be in regular consultation with your Doctor to be aware of all that is happening regarding your health issues.

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