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Diet Nutrition tips for Pregnancy

Dieting during pregnancy in no way means restricting your calories intake or losing weight but rather assuring an intake of all the vital vitamins and minerals needed to help you through your pregnancy. You have to channelize your eating habits in such a way that you and your baby receive all the healthy nutrition required during pregnancy. On an average you have intake an extra 300 calories a day to support your baby during pregnancy. You have to be very much aware that your daily intake of food comprises of all the relevant food groups like Fruits, Vegetables, Breads and Grains, Proteins and Dairy Products.

Now let us take a look at the food groups and some of the sources for a healthy diet during pregnancy.

1.Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and Vegetables are an important source of some essential nutrients for pregnancy such as Vitamin C and Folic Acid. Vitamin C is found in abundance in fruits like Oranges, Grapefruits etc. And vegetables like Brocolli, Tomatoes etc. Green leafy vegetables are a great source for Folic Acid as are black beans and black-eyed peas.

2.Breads and Grains.
An absolutely essential source of energy during pregnancy is found in the Carbs in Breads and Grains. They are a source of Iron, Vitamin B, Fiber and to an extent some Proteins too.

The intake of Proteins is a very crucial factor for a healthy pregnancy. A rich source of Proteins is Meat, Fish, Poultry and Eggs. For the vegetarians a very good source of proteins is found in Beans and Nuts.

4.Dairy Products
Most dairy products like Milk, Cottage Cheese, Curd etc. are a natural source for Calcium another vital part of your diet during pregnancy.

5.Pre-Natal Vitamins.
To complement your natural dietary plans one can also take Pre-Natal Vitamins as per your Doctors advice to help you through a healthy pregnancy. Women need to take great care during pregnancy to ensure the good health of self and baby. A good healthy body will by and large face lesser complications and a good healthy diet ensures that you and your baby are both safe during the long period of pregnancy. It also ensures a largely complication free delivery, the most important part of your pregnancy.

A healthy and nutritious diet followed during pregnancy also helps you recover that much faster and you get back to your normal self fairly quickly. So it is really very important you treat yourself and your baby to be a very healthy nutritious diet for the good of both.

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