Here are the five fitness tips for beginners

Wear a VR Cover (or a Sweatband, or Both!)

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When you work out in VR, you’re going to get sweaty. Don’t worry! Your sweat won’t damage your headset.

But if you don’t take care of your stuff, your sweat will make your headset filthy and unpleasant to use. Especially for the next person who gets to try it on.

Instead of letting your sweat get all over your headset’s facial surface, you can use a replaceable VR cover that will soak it up. You can machine wash it, and VR covers often come in packs of two or more.

Also, you can mitigate more sweat by wearing a sweatband. It’s old-school, but it works!

 Eat Healthy

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This one is tough for me. I really want to keep eating the pizza, sugar and fast food that I love. But it’s holding me back.

I know that I could lose more weight, get more fit, and see way more results if I were to adopt a healthy eating plan. Granted, this is advice that I’m writing for myself, but I know that you could probably benefit from it too.

Check out Juanita’s guide to healthy eating for in-depth tips.

Don’t Neglect Your Friends and Family

VR is already being hailed as an isolating technology by certain entities, and I believe this was also the takeaway of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One adaptation.

As misinformed as I believe those people might be, they have a point. When you’re immersed in a good game, even when you’re sweating calories like crazy, it can be easy to lose track of time.

You probably won’t wind up spending days in your headset. But if your friends, family, pet(s) and boss don’t hear from you for a while- don’t let them assume the worst.

 Find a Workout Buddy

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On the same note, you can use VR as a chance to bond with people. Know somebody else who wants to get in shape and has a VR setup?

Get them into a BOXVR group workout or a Beat Saber party.

You’ll be glad you bought the VR covers. And not only will you get fit, but you’ll have a chance to bond with someone in your life.

Social VR at its finest.

#10: Get Outside and Enjoy Your New Health

Why get fit in VR if you don’t take the opportunity to go out and do things that you weren’t feeling well enough to do before? Remember when you were too embarrassed to go to the gym, or to the clubs, or to the beach?

No more.

Ever since I started VR, all the physical activity has gotten me craving more real experiences. That’s the special part about VR fitness that nobody talks about. It makes real reality more enjoyable.

VR prepares you to go out and face life.

All that physical movement accustoms you to be in your body instead of feeling like you need to escape your body from the comfort of a couch seat.


At long last, you have some tips to get you started with your VR fitness routine. You have some ideas on how to choose the right VR fitness games. And you understand the importance of knowing your limits.

If you do VR fitness each day, you can nail your goals and see improvement each time you track your progress. You can also buy VR covers and sweatbands to keep your headset clean.

Eating healthy might feel like a chore, but your improved fitness will be worth the diet. And instead of ignoring your friends and family, you can invite them to enjoy VR with you.

But most importantly, the point of getting fit in VR will always be to enjoy yourself and juice the most out of your own life. Get fit in VR, then get out there and enjoy your newfound health!

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